Getting IN / OUT

According to legislations of Transnistria (PMR) all foreign citizens are obliged to enter and leave Transnistrian territory through the official checkpoints. While at the checkpoint please present your valid ID (international passport) to the officials.

Do I need visa?
Citizens of EU, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan do not eed visa to eneter Transnistria. If you have valid Moldovan visa you can enter Transnistria too.

Do I need an invitation letter from a citizen of Transnistria?
No, tourists are not obliged to have any invitations while entering Transnistria.

How long can I stay?
Ones arrive at the checkpoint, please find migration office in Transnistria you can be given up to 10 hours of permission to stay in Transnistria. If you want to stay longer you need to have an address where you intend to stay. The migration officer will give you 24 hrs written permission to stay. With migration card issued at the border you need to visit the migration office and prolong your stay for more then 24 hrs. Please remember NOT TO WEAR SHORTS while visiting migration office to prolong your stay in Transnistria. This procedure must be done with the owner of the Hostel\appartment (me). It is important to remember, that all registraton formalities are FREE

What if I arrrive by train?
Ones arrived in Tiraspol train station please find the migration office inside of the station and make your registration. There are the same rules\procedures as described above in (How long I can stay).

What if I arrive by car?
Do you really want to drive your horse powered transportation to Transnistria? If so bare in mind these:
* you will need to pay 5 EUR Road Tax and 0,18% from the car value.
* you need to make separate registration for your car at the border (temporary importation).
* all payments can be done only in cash in Moldovan lei, Transnistrian rubles, US dollars, Euros and Ukrainian grivnas.
* custom form will be in English language. => See example on the right


What if I plan to enter Moldova via Transnistria and leave through Chisinau to Romania or Ukraine directly (without going back through Transnistria)?

You have 2 Chances to get one:

Chance N1: You can get your entrance stamp from Moldovan custom officer at the Moldovan check point after you wave Goodbye to Transnistrian officials and pass the Russian Peace Keepers tank.
Chance N2: Ones the bus driver refused you to use “Chanse N1” because he does not want to wait on the road while you make your documents at the border (people on your bus will also be unhappy) you can still get your entrance Stamp at the Chisinau airport. ACHTUNG! Please ask the same bus driver to let you out from his tank near the Airport (they all go through Airport area) and walk up the hill to meet officials. It is very advisable to have any confirmation and proofs that you entered Moldova via Transnistria (ticket, booking confirmation from our Hostel).
ACHTUNG! IMPORTANT! You can get your entrance stamp to Moldova at any border check point! IT IS FREE 100%! 

What if I arrive by teleportation in space?

Please bare in mind that the back yard of our Hostel can accept only medium size space air crafts. Please make your reservation 1 week before arrival. Even if you arrive by space you are still obliged to register with migration office, obtain your migration card and keep it with you all the time. 😉 Bonus: those who arrive by using teleportation in space will enjoy stay at GoTiraspol Hostel for free 😉 breakfast is included.

How to get to Migration office?


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